Search the database to display mimicry candidates. You can use gene names from host or parasite species, GO terms, keywords from GO term leaf names or keywords found in gene descriptions. The prefixes GO: and species: modify the use of prefixed search terms. Use keywords prefixed by GO: to query the full GO tree and not only annotated leaf terms, as in GO:0002376 or GO:immune. Use the species: prefix to restrict the species, as in cytokine species:Homo sapiens. You can also restrict hits based on the number of identites with ids> and entropy with H>, as in GO:immune ids>12 H>2.

Or try an example: GO:0002376, GO:immune, SPARC, P08887, cytokine species:Homo sapiens, A2EXB5.

By Philipp Ludin, Daniel Nilsson and Pascal Mäser.